TRAC databases are multi-dimensional, allowing Users to Slice & Dice along pre-set breaks.

Because the TRAC database contains all the raw data too, clients can recombine outlets by their own criteria, not just those pre-set by TRAC.

Each new grouping created by clients takes just a few seconds, and contains all the same Measures as the pre-set breaks.

Instead of confining yourself to pre-set breaks, why not create your own to make them more relevant to the subject being addressed...?

Some examples of User-defined market breakdowns:
All outlets where we have > 20% sales share
All outlets where we lost share
All outlets where we were out-of-stock
All outlets where a new competitor has distribution
All outlets with our Branded Dispenser
All outlets with a Competitor-branded Dispenser
All outlets where we had our new poster
All outlets selling @ $1.95
All outlets where we were on promotion………..

There is no definitive list:
whatever information has been collected can be used to define outlet groupings.

In turn, each grouping can easily be segmented by eg Channel or Region, and sample size is always available as a measure, to show just how robust your analysis is.

If you can use these tools to understand what drives sales, then you are only one step away from putting together successful strategies to grow them further.

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